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Eternal life pursues the highest mold performance. Produce high quality preforms and use corrosion resistant steel to optimize preform production. Yongsheng mold has a long life. The mold design guarantees quick and easy maintenance. Yongsheng molds are easy to use, and regular maintenance work can be done directly on the machine in the shortest possible time. Mold parts are easy to replace and can produce different preforms on the same mold. Hard mold parts guarantee mold life and minimize maintenance. We can produce PET preform mould, PET tube blank mould, 72 cavity preform mould, 48 cavity preform mould, 32 cavity preform mould, 24 cavity preform mould, 16 cavity preform mould, 12 cavity preform mould, 8 Cavity preform mold, 4-chamber preform mold, 72-tube blank tool, 48-tube blank mold, 32-cavity tube blank mold, 24-cavity tube blank mold, 16-cavity tube blank mold, 12-cavity tube blank mold, 8-cavity Tube also mold, 4-cavity tube blank mold. At present, there are three series of PET preform molds, including double lock pneumatic needle valve tube blank mold. Double lock adjustable eccentric pneumatic needle valve preform mold, ordinary no-gate preform mold. The company uses advanced CAD for mold-assisted design. The shape of the preform is optimized for the final plastic bottle to ensure the final plastic molding quality. The double-lock pneumatic needle valve tube blank mold and the double-lock adjustable eccentric pneumatic needle valve preform mold adopt multi-dimensional cone positioning system to ensure the plastic thickness of the plastic bottle is consistent. At the same time, the unique hot runner system of Yongsheng Mould ensures the same pressure and PET flow ratio of each cavity.


Preform mould - Preform
It is used for the production of 2-step equipment. First use the injection molding machine and then use the preform mold to produce various types of preforms.
28MM PCO1810&PCO1881 PET preform is usually used for soft drinks in carbonated drink bottles, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, carbonated drink bottles, soft drinks and fruit juice. Two common variants of PCO preform are PCO1810 and 1881, their neck finish is slightly different. The mouth height of 28mm PCO1810 PET preform is the standard 21.1mm. The thread part is of broken tooth shape. Most of the 30MM bottles are mineral water bottles, while 38MM bottles are mostly fruit juice and yogurt. Preform weight depends on the volume of the bottle you want to blow. The grams required from 30ML-1000ML are different.
In addition to beverage bottles, there are eyedrops, pesticide bottles, and medical bottles, many of which require preforms to be processed and produced twice. There are transparent and opaque performs, add some colors to the raw materials to produce various beautiful bottle preforms.

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Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China preform mould Suppliers and preform mold company, founded in 2011, is located at Zhejiang province china mould town Huangyan. We committed to the shortest possible time to domestic and foreign customers with high quality, competitive preform mould designing. Adhere to the "quality orientation, customer priority, integrity-based" approach, innovative technology, product innovation, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development. We have a highly qualified technical team, gather a group of young and dynamic industry members, they are full of hands-on experience with creativity, always make unremitting efforts to target higher demands on themselves. The company constantly improve their own management and upgrade technology research and development capabilities, while promoting the development of China's mold industry.

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Relevant Knowledge Extension

A preform mold is a tool used in the manufacturing process to shape molten plastic into a specific form, usually a bottle or container, before it is blown into its final shape. The preform is then placed into a blow mold, where air pressure is applied to stretch it into the desired shape.
What are the working principles of preform mold?
1.Melt Plastic: The plastic granules are melted and then formed into a preform using an injection molding machine.
2.Injection Molding: The melted plastic is injected into a mold cavity, where it cools and solidifies to take the shape of the mold.
3.Ejection: Once the plastic has cooled and solidified, the mold opens and the preform is ejected.
4.Cooling: The preform is cooled to room temperature to ensure it is strong enough to withstand further processing.
5.Blowing: The preform is then placed into a blow molding machine, where air is blown into it to expand it into its final shape.
6.Ejection: Once the final product has cooled and solidified, it is ejected from the blow mold.