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Mould name: blow mould
Mould cavity: 1-12 cavity
Mould steel: P20, 3cr13, 4cr14,s136
Mould base:LKM
Design software: AutoCAD, stp, vt, UG.
Mould life: 1M shots.
Delivery time: 15-25days


Blowing mould – Plastic bottle
Most plastic materials are PET& PE, which are formed by blow molding. High efficiency and high output can be achieved through multiple cavities 1-12 of the bottle blowing mould. The bottle mouth is 28MM/ 30MM/38MM/45MM, which can be made into mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, and various bottle types. The shapes are round, square, oval, and various patterns. Customers can design their own creative designs. Two treatment methods of mirror polish and skin texture on the surface of blowing moulds. The capacity includes 100ML, 150ML, 200ML, 250ML, 300ML, 350ML, 400ML, 450ML, 500ML, 800ML, 1000ML, 1.5L, 2L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, 5 gallon bottle, 10L, 20L, etc. The jar has 50MM to 200MM, it can hold biscuits, nuts, prunes, red dates and all kinds of dried fruits. It is widely used.

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