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Plastic pipe mould Details

Mold name: plastic pipe mould
Mold steel: P20 s 2738,718 H ; 738 H ; NAK 80 } SKD 61, E 420, etc.
Formwork: homemade; LKM; DME, etc.
Runner: cold runner; hot runner
Hot runner brand: domestic brand; YUDO; HASCO, etc.
Design software: UG; autoCAD, etc.
Die life: 50-100 million mode
Delivery time: 45-60 days
Packing: wooden box
Warranty period: 1 year, except for human factors!


Yongsheng adopts the world advanced designing software of CAD/UG/VT/STP

the same time,Yongsheng introduced Austria latest advanced production technology in collapsible core fitting moulds.With the help of advanced equipment and rich experience,our company is capable of research and making large size and high precision moulds.

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Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China Plastic pipe mould Suppliers and Plastic pipe mold company, founded in 2007, is located at Zhejiang province china mould town Huangyan. We committed to the shortest possible time to domestic and foreign customers with high quality, competitive Plastic pipe mould designing. Adhere to the "quality orientation, customer priority, integrity-based" approach, innovative technology, product innovation, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development. We have a highly qualified technical team, gather a group of young and dynamic industry members, they are full of hands-on experience with creativity, always make unremitting efforts to target higher demands on themselves. The company constantly improve their own management and upgrade technology research and development capabilities, while promoting the development of China's mold industry.

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Relevant Knowledge Extension

A plastic pipe mould is a tool used for the manufacture of plastic pipes. It is typically made of steel or aluminum and is shaped to match the desired dimensions of the final product. The mould is filled with molten plastic, which is then cooled and solidified to form a pipe. The moulds can be designed for specific types of plastic pipes, such as PVC, polyethylene, or ABS, and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.
What are the advantages of Plastic pipe mold?
1.Lightweight and easy to transport
2.Durable and resistant to corrosion
3.Flexible and can bend without breaking
4.Easy to install with fewer joints required
5.Low cost compared to other materials
6.Versatile and can be used in various applications
7.Resistant to chemicals and UV rays
8.Long lifespan with minimal maintenance needed.