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The medical mold pipette tip mold is a high-precision mold with special sharp corners, and its mold inserts are made of stainless steel 632 or S136. This type of mold is specifically designed and produced with stringent requirements to ensure the precision and quality of the final product.

Firstly, due to its high precision characteristics, the medical mold pipette tip mold requires advanced processing techniques and equipment during the manufacturing process to ensure that all parts of the mold meet extremely high precision requirements. This includes the overall structural design of the mold, precision machining of the cavity, and assembly and debugging of the mold.

Secondly, the special sharp corners of the product are also an important feature of the medical mold pipette tip mold. To achieve this characteristic, special attention needs to be paid to the shape and dimensional accuracy of the sharp corners during the design and manufacturing process. This usually requires precise CNC machining and grinding processes to ensure that the shape and size of the sharp corners meet the product requirements.

In addition, the selection of mold insert materials is also an important aspect in the manufacturing of medical mold pipette tip molds. Stainless steel 632 or S136 are commonly used materials for mold inserts. These materials have good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and thermal stability, which can meet the working requirements of the mold under high-intensity and high-temperature environments. At the same time, these materials also have good processing performance, which facilitates precision machining and assembly.

Overall, the medical mold pipette tip mold is a high-precision and high-demand mold product. Its manufacturing process needs to fully consider the characteristics and usage requirements of the product, adopt advanced processing techniques and high-quality materials to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.


Our liquid transfer gun suction head medicine mould is made of high-quality materials as a whole. There are no burrs at the tip and mouth of the product. It has good adaptability and sealing properties. The wall thickness is even, the inner wall is smooth, and the pipetting leaves no traces. Every process of the mold, from structural design, steel selection, parts processing, polishing to complete mold assembly, must be carefully controlled.

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