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Molds are an integral part of the injection molding process. It is a tool used for plastic injection molding and can be designed and manufactured according to the shape and size of the product. Molds are usually made of metallic materials such as steel or aluminum. They have cavities that hold the molten plastic and form the desired product shape during the injection molding process.
Auxiliary machines are equipment used in conjunction with the injection molding machine. They include dryers, automatic feeders, cooling water units, temperature controllers, etc. The role of these auxiliary machines is to provide the required materials and conditions to ensure the smooth progress of the injection molding process.
We offer a full range of injection molding services, including the supply and installation of injection molding machines, molds and auxiliary machinery. We have an experienced team of engineers who can customize injection molding solutions according to customer needs. Our products have reliable quality and stable performance, and can meet various injection molding needs.


An injection molding machine is a piece of equipment used to manufacture plastic products. It works by injecting molten plastic into a mold, then cooling and solidifying it to finally get the desired plastic product. Injection molding machines usually consist of an injection system, a melting system, a cooling system, a hydraulic system and a control system.

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Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China Injection molding machine Suppliers and Injection molding machine company, founded in 2011, is located at Zhejiang province china mould town Huangyan. We committed to the shortest possible time to domestic and foreign customers with high quality, competitive Injection molding machine designing. Adhere to the "quality orientation, customer priority, integrity-based" approach, innovative technology, product innovation, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development. We have a highly qualified technical team, gather a group of young and dynamic industry members, they are full of hands-on experience with creativity, always make unremitting efforts to target higher demands on themselves. The company constantly improve their own management and upgrade technology research and development capabilities, while promoting the development of China's mold industry.

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