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Food cover mould Details

1. Mold ranges from 1 cavity to 72 cavities.
2. The mold plate is made of stainless steel.
3. Standard interchangeable mold components
4. High performance hot runner system ensures uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities.
5. All of parts are manufactured by CNC equipments.
6. Advanced structure is designed consulting European cap mold.
7. Mold cavity and Core are made of steel with fine polishing, high hardness and anti-corrosion to get mold's high precision and good quality.、
8. Pneumatic drive the nozzle pin for simultaneous high-speed open and close actions.
9. Patent designed rectifying system is adopted to lessen the possible preform thickness problem happening during production.
10. Special designed water hoses eliminate leakage and water marks on preform.
11. Mold flow analysis reduce AA level.
12. Long using life over 2.5 million times of injection cycle.


Food Cover
In life, there are many kinds of food packaging, various kinds of food cover, the same bottle with different covers, the overall packaging is beautiful is not the same characteristics. We will design the lid matching the bottle according to the bottle provided by the customer. From small to large bottle mouth, cavity from 8-64 cavity, completely eliminate the customer's output recommended mold cavity number.

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Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China Food cover mould Suppliers and Food cover mold company, founded in 2011, is located at Zhejiang province china mould town Huangyan. We committed to the shortest possible time to domestic and foreign customers with high quality, competitive Food cover mould designing. Adhere to the "quality orientation, customer priority, integrity-based" approach, innovative technology, product innovation, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development. We have a highly qualified technical team, gather a group of young and dynamic industry members, they are full of hands-on experience with creativity, always make unremitting efforts to target higher demands on themselves. The company constantly improve their own management and upgrade technology research and development capabilities, while promoting the development of China's mold industry.

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Relevant Knowledge Extension

A Food cover mould is a tool used in the manufacturing process of plastic bottle caps. It's typically made of metal and shaped to match the desired shape of the bottle cap. The plastic material is melted and injected into the mold, where it cools and solidifies into the desired shape. The mold is then opened and the finished bottle cap is removed.
What are the advantages of Food cover mould?
1.High production efficiency
2.Consistent product quality
3.Reduced material waste
4.Automated production process
5.Long mold life
6.Easy to change designs
7.Cost-effective for mass production.