5 Gallon Cover Mould

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5 Gallon Cover Mould Details

Structure: hot runner.
Cavity:4 to 2 4Cavities.
Cavity:S136. Hardness:52-55HRC.
Core:M310 Hardness:48-52HRC Slitter: DC53.52-55HRC Central injector: Berylium copper: Different parts we use different material according to the running of the mold.
The plate of the mold:P20. Hardness:30-38degree.
Hot runner system: Hot runner made by our own factory. You also can choose YUDO, SINO, HUSKY or other famous brand hot runner system as your choice. We have cooperation with all the hot runner system supplier.
Cycle time:10-15seconds on high speed machine.18-22Seconds run on the standard machine.
The guarantee time of the mold:2Million shot times or one year.


5 Gallon Cover Also Known As 20L Drinking Water Bucket Cover
Usually used for water dispenser on the barrel water cover, the center of the cover one-time poke, convenient bucket cover into the water dispenser, inverted into a one-time poke water into the water dispenser. The focus of the design of the cover mold is to break once, and the mold should be processed by high precision machine tools and designed reasonably. The other part is the ratio of raw materials in the injection molding process. The machine should have enough clamping force to ensure that the center is convenient and clean to Pierce. We have a wealth of practical experience to provide customers with reference to learn.

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Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huangyan Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China 5 Gallon Cover Mould Suppliers and 5 Gallon Cover Mould company, founded in 2011, is located at Zhejiang province china mould town Huangyan. We committed to the shortest possible time to domestic and foreign customers with high quality, competitive 5 Gallon Cover Mould designing. Adhere to the "quality orientation, customer priority, integrity-based" approach, innovative technology, product innovation, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development. We have a highly qualified technical team, gather a group of young and dynamic industry members, they are full of hands-on experience with creativity, always make unremitting efforts to target higher demands on themselves. The company constantly improve their own management and upgrade technology research and development capabilities, while promoting the development of China's mold industry.

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Relevant Knowledge Extension

A 5 Gallon Cover Mould is a mold used to produce lids for containers with a capacity of one gallon. These molds are typically made of materials like silicone or plastic, and are used in the manufacturing of containers for storing liquids, food, or other materials. The mold is used to shape the lid into a specific design, which is then detached from the mold and attached to the container.
What are the characteristics of 5 Gallon Cover Mould?
Gallon cover mold is a type of mold used to produce gallon-sized plastic containers. The characteristics of gallon cover mold include:
1.Durability: made from high-quality steel for long-lasting use
2.Precision: allows for consistent and accurate production of containers
3.Customizability: can be designed to meet specific production needs
4.Ease of use: can be easily integrated into the production process
5.Versatility: can be used to produce a range of gallon-sized containers with different shapes and designs.