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Taizhou Yongsheng Mould Co., Ltd. can produce cap molds within 64 cavities. The hot runner or cold runner structure can be selected according to customer requirements.
The hot runner of the cap mold adopts the foreign common PE (polyolefin) non-gate hot runner design, the spring type electric heating coil is heated inside the copper tube, the hot runner nozzle separately controls the temperature, and the mold is produced under the automatic condition without the staff. Frequent operations to reduce the labor of workers. The key parts of the mold (core, cavity, slider) are made of German mirror anti-rust steel and heated (HRC45) to ensure the service life of the mold and the quality of the bottle. And the machining center is used to ensure the processing quality of the parts and achieve mutual matching. The process is stable and the effect is good, which is comparable to imported molds.


  • Use Longji standard formwork.
  • German corrosion-resistant steel 2316 is used.
  • The advanced top nozzle design allows the mold to be fully automated without manual inspection.
  • The rational and ingenious waterway design shortens the molding cycle of the product to less than 12 seconds.
  • The connection between the professional computer software and the opening and closing cover is very large.

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