What is a laminated mold and what are its advantages

Update: 28-01-2021

Stack mould is a cutting-edge technology in the development of plastic molds today. The cavities Cap mould are distributed on two or more levels and arranged in an overlapping manner. Simply put, stack mould is equivalent to stacking multiple single-layer molds together and installing them on an injection molding machine for injection production.stack mould usually use single-layer plastic injection molds for injection molding machines, and their injection volume and mold opening stroke only use 20% to 40% of the rated.



Which does not give full play to the performance of the injection machine, and laminated injection molds On the basis of not increasing the clamping force, the output can be doubled according to the number of layers under the condition of one injection machine and one operator, which can greatly improve production efficiency and equipment utilization, and can save production costs. stack injection molds are most suitable for molding large flat parts, shallow cavity shell parts, small multi-cavity thin-walled parts, and parts that require mass production.


Compared with the conventional mold, the clamping force of the laminated mold is only increased by 10%-15%, but the output can be increased by 90%-95%;The mold manufacturing requirements are basically the same as those of conventional molds, and multiple cavities are combined in one mold, so the mold manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened.


The use of high-efficiency laminated injection molds can double or quadruple the output of ordinary single-layer molds without the need to invest in additional machinery and equipment. This saves the cost of installing machinery, equipment, expanding factory buildings and adding labor;Stacked molds can be installed on injection molding machines with similar requirements for single-layer molds, but the output efficiency per unit time is doubled;Save raw materials, easy to automate, improve product performance, and shorten production cycle.

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