What are some ways to ensure the quality and consistency of Medical Syringe molds

Update: 18-04-2023
Ensuring the quality and consistency of Medical Syringe molds is critical to producing reliable and safe medical devices. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1.Robust design: A well-designed Medical Syringe mold is essential for consistent production. It should be designed to minimize part variability and ensure that the final product meets all specifications.
2.Precise manufacturing: Using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques can help ensure consistent mold quality. This includes precision machining, careful polishing, and the use of high-quality materials.
3.Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the molds can help identify and correct any issues before they impact production. Maintenance activities can include cleaning, lubrication, and inspection.
4.Process control: The production process should be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that each part produced is of consistent quality. This includes controlling the temperature, pressure, and other parameters during production.
5.Inspection and testing: Regular inspection and testing of the molds and the parts produced from them can help identify any issues and ensure that the quality remains consistent. This includes dimensional inspection, functional testing, and material testing.
6.Continuous improvement: Finally, the production process should be continually improved to reduce variability and increase efficiency. This can include using statistical process control techniques, identifying and addressing root causes of defects, and incorporating feedback from customers and end-users.

Medical Syringe mould
Medical Syringe mould
Number of cavities: 6 cavities ~ 128 cavities
Cavity core steel: using StaVaxS42〇 manufactured by Assab, Sweden, it is a slider for stainless steel and tempered steel core: Luer interface slider system Injection gate type: hot runner point gate product plastic :PP
Syringe cavity core polishing: Mirror surface finish Syringe mold structure: It is mounted on the mold frame by inserting, and the same parts in the mold are interchangeable. Needle mold life: at least 5 million mold
Syringe size: 1~50 ml
The number of mold cavities can reach 16 ◦ cavity
Cavity core steel: manufactured by Assab, Sweden
StavaxS 420, which is stainless steel and tempered steel
Core slider: Luer interface slider system
Gate type: hot runner point gate
Product plastic: TPE or medical PVC (if using PVC, I
We do not recommend the use of thermal guides)
Cavity Core Polishing: Mirror Polishing
Needle plug plug mold structure: using the insert method to make it set
On the mold base, the same parts in the mold can be mutually
Syringe tight plug die life: at least 5 million mode

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