How to design a good turnover box mould

Update: 14-10-2020

Plastic Blowing mould turnover boxes are currently a ho […]

Plastic Blowing mould turnover boxes are currently a hot-selling product and are used in product turnover in all walks of life. For the turnover box manufacturer, obtaining a well-designed turnover box mold can help improve production efficiency, quality and increase market competitiveness. With more than 20 years of experience in crate molds, the molds designed and manufactured are exported Britain, Italy and other countries have been highly recognized by customers. First of all, our design team will consider the cooling system of the mold.


Plastic pipe mould


Because the cooling system is related to the molding cycle, it directly affects the production efficiency and production cost. We use circulating water to reduce the cooling time, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. In order to achieve faster molding efficiency, we will add copper beryllium to the mold. For thin-walled crate molds, our cooling system will also inlay sliders to reduce the molding cycle.


Crate molds do not have very high requirements on the surface of the product. You can choose suitable mold steel materials in the selection of steel materials. Commonly used mold steel materials can choose P20 and 718H to meet the needs. Of course, we provide  and other steel materials to manufacture according to the actual needs of customers. The design of the exhaust system must also be considered. We have designed an excellent exhaust solution at the key position of the mold injection molding.


Not only can the turnover box be formed faster, but also a lot of gate material can be saved by using the hot runner. We use mold flow analysis software for analysis during design, which can improve the success rate of crate mold design and manufacture and effectively ensure product quality. In addition, we can also provide customers with a one-stop turnover box injection molding solution, including product design, mold design, a full set of production line equipment and timely and thoughtful after-sales service. We have successfully delivered 383 plastic turnover boxes to customers at home and abroad. production line.