Who is the first-class plastic turnover box mold manufacturer

Update: 21-08-2020

Plastic Plastic injection mould turnover box mold manufacturing experience, adhering to the principle of timely delivery to provide you with high-quality plastic box molds. We can provide you with many types of turnover box moulds, such as standard vegetable turnover box moulds, bottle turnover box moulds, turnover box moulds for the automotive industry, etc. For plastic turnover box molds, engineers pay more attention to the design of the turnover box mold cooling system.

A good plastic filling system requires a special hot runner system to assist molding to ensure that the cooling system achieves the best results. Because in order to produce durable and durable turnover box molds, the cooling water circuit design on the largest molding surface of the mold must be optimized, and quenched and tempered steel must be matched with an excellent cooling water circuit design. In addition, the exhaust system at the handle of the turnover box is also the focus of our engineers' design.


When the turnover box is loaded with loads, the handles at both ends are the key points of the load. If the exhaust at the two handles on the mold is not good, there will be obvious welded seams, and the product is easily damaged from this point. In terms of plastic turnover box mold processing, the team selected appropriate materials and material hardness for the mold base, core and cavity parts of the mold, as well as appropriate mold standard parts, so as to avoid problems during use.


For the friction in the turnover box mold and its guiding part, we must pay attention to its processing, and there should be no problems in the processing process. In addition, manual operation is not allowed, so as not to affect the processing effect and quality, and then affect the quality of the turnover box. With these, we can ensure that our plastic turnover box molds are formed faster than our competitors. In addition, we will run the mold to show you the mass production simulation process to determine the cycle before production and shipment.

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