What problems should be paid attention to in mold transportation

Update: 25-10-2021

The handling and transportation of the mold does not have high technical requirements, but it should be noted that the mold is not allowed to have a slight collision during the transportation, so as to avoid the wear, deformation and fracture of the mold. Therefore, strict requirements must be imposed on the packaging, and the details must be met. The following is a detailed introduction to the matters needing attention in the packaging and transportation of the mold:
Mold packaging and transportation
1. Ordinary molds: (small molds) After all the molds are oiled, they are individually put into a plastic packaging bag with the company logo, and sealed with packaging adhesive paper. Wrap the product with bubble film until the mold cannot be felt by hand pinching. Take into account the beauty.
2. Large mold: After the mold is oiled, first wrap it individually with bubble film, then wrap it tightly with hard paper, seal it with adhesive tape, and finally tighten it with packing tape.
3. Plastic mold: After the mold is oiled, put it in a plastic bag first, and then wrap it with bubble film.
4. Special packaging materials (such as absorbent cotton, etc.) must be used for the mirror mold. Brushes must not be used for oiling, and shiny surfaces must not be touched.
5. Pay attention to rust prevention on the profile. Long-distance transportation must be sprayed with anti-rust agent, and the mold should be wrapped in a large bag and air is exhausted.
6. Pay attention to the packing and fixation. There are also many protrusions such as water holes on the outside of the mold. Pay attention to anti-collision in these parts.
7. After making the mold, the safety device of the mold must be fixed well, so that the fixed mold is opened during transportation and collision occurs.
8. It is best to pack loose parts or spare parts separately into boxes, not in the same package with the mold itself. Put together, there is a risk of collision in transportation.

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