What kind of paint bucket mold can be competitive

Update: 13-08-2020

Plastic Blowing mould paint bucket mold is the basic tool for manufacturing high-quality plastic paint buckets. Knowing more about the design of plastic paint bucket molds can help you make high-quality plastic paint buckets with stronger market competitiveness. Therefore, if you still don’t know well or plan to conduct market research on plastic paint buckets, you have come to the right place! Based on more than ten years of experience in paint bucket mold modeling and plastic paint bucket design, we can provide you with relevant skills in manufacturing plastic paint bucket molds.

The product design of the paint bucket is very important. The shape of a plastic paint bucket directly affects the competitiveness of the company's products in the market, and plays a key role in the next step in the manufacture of paint bucket molds. If you do not pay attention to the design of the plastic paint bucket, a series of chain reactions will be triggered in the subsequent links, and even lead to defects such as poor assembly and poor sealing of the paint bucket.


For 20L plastic barrels, we should first check the basic specifications and basic characteristics, and then design the plastic paint barrel, and pass mold flow analysis and improvement suggestions to ensure the best injection molding effect. When the plastic paint bucket design problem is solved, excellent mold design optimization ability is also very important, which can make the plastic paint bucket mold have the advantages of high quality, high efficiency and high speed.


This is not only related to the molding structure of the paint bucket mold, but also related to the worker's production capacity, mold life and convenient maintenance. For example, our 20L plastic barrel mold, in order to run at high speed, we choose DIN1.2738 steel, the core is made of beryllium copper inserts, and equipped with a needle valve gate system and the best designed cooling system, so that it can run at high speeds Realize fast and stable operation.

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