What is the role of mold flow analysis

Update: 15-04-2021

Have you ever encountered Blowing mould such a situation where a set of molds were tried repeatedly, but they just couldn’t figure it out. These problems were changed, and other problems occurred, such as changing the gate position, changing the runner gate size, and modifying the product. To meet the molding requirements, repeated mold trials are very wasteful. When the problem is serious, the mold cannot be modified and can only be scrapped. The mold needs to be redesigned and manufactured, which affects the delivery time. The above problems are common occurrences in mold factories. The fundamental problem is that the mold flow analysis is not in place.


Mold flow analysis technology can simulate and evaluate the molding process of plastic parts on the computer before mold processing. If there is a problem with the design plan, the revised plan can be input into the system again for analysis until it is satisfied. Therefore, a good application of this technology can correctly design molds, reduce design and manufacturing costs, and improve product molding quality has a great effect.Mold flow analysis can know whether the product has filling problems. For example, whether the product has short shots, bubbles, and unbalanced filling during the injection process can be determined by carefully analyzing the filling curve.


In the mold flow analysis, you can change the position of the injection mold gate, injection speed and other processing conditions, so that you can know whether these problems can be improved or corrected.Mold flow analysis can know whether the product is full. It can also provide other useful information such as the required maximum injection pressure and clamping pressure to provide a reference for us to choose an injection molding machine.Mold flow analysis can calculate the efficiency of the cooling circuit.


Adding cooling analysis to deformation analysis can increase accuracy. Because the cooling water circuit is difficult to modify once it is completed, this type of analysis is very useful before opening the mold.Ability to predict whether the product is deformed. The absolute value of the deformation is predicted and analyzed, and the deformation prediction can be used to compare the gate position, wall thickness changes or design changes.It can be used to check and correct problematic mold prototypes. The problem in detecting injection molds is to use mold prototypes to do "short shots". Mold flow analysis can determine which changes will be effective, faster and less expensive than mold repair.

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