What is the history of mold technology development?

Update: 25-06-2021

As a special mechanical product, mold industry, as a special mechanical industry, cannot produce parts or mechanical products from mechanical products like other mechanical industries & mechanical products. This province only depends on the theoretical design of designers. It can basically guarantee the required functions and usage requirements to be achieved in the end. That is to say, for most other mechanical products, if the processing process can be completely or as far as possible to reach the design accuracy and requirements, the final product and The original design purpose is not to have too much deviation, that is, perfect design can produce perfect products under the guarantee of processing conditions. At the same time, the design theory basis of this type of product has gone through decades or even in some established capitalism. With hundreds of years of continuous research and actual production in the country, it has become very mature, perfect, and practical, such as various machine tools and power equipment.
Mold products are different, because whether it is injection molding, die-casting high-temperature flow molding or stamping plastic molding at room temperature, although it has a long history of research and application for decades, the basic theories and mathematical models are very imperfect and inaccurate. , And there are still great uncertainties, especially in our country, most of them still rely on on-site debugging experience to support, to make the mold products as perfect as possible, and the products produced meet the requirements of users, so in the design stage , Most of the work that can only be done at present can only serve as the "rough processing link" in the entire mold manufacturing process and quality system links! ! That is to say, the quality of molds ultimately depends on the craftsmanship of fitter. The final battle of mold products from different manufacturers may be a skill contest of mold fitters. In this industry, designers and previous pre-orders The processing staff can only play a supporting role for the summit showdown.
I don’t know, I’m not talking about whether the majority of colleagues agree, but this is indeed a fact. No matter how perfect the mold design, no matter how good the drawing, no matter how expensive the equipment is, at present, the mold fitter must be the first few The labor and wisdom of the authors are reflected. Without them, our designs would probably be a pile of scrap iron! ! !
In addition, at present, our research on the mold structure, especially the more complex mechanical structure (such as the various oblique wedge linkage mechanisms in automobile molds), seems to be not in-depth enough, and there are no advanced technologies or even internationally advanced technologies. It is a patent. Some advanced and complex structures are mainly designed with reference to foreign precedents. The level of independent research and development is relatively weak. On the contrary, the level of fitter's reassembly and debugging of these institutions may be better than foreign countries.
As mentioned earlier, plastic forming theory and mathematical modeling are imperfect, resulting in imperfect analysis and formulation of stamping process in the design stage, requiring a lot of debugging later on by fitter. There may be no immediate solution to this problem for a while. The designer still has a reason to shirk responsibility, but the level of the mold mechanical structure is not good. We seem to be a little bit guilty for this kind of "mutilation". Of course, I think there are many reasons for this. Cause.
First of all, the relatively high-end mold mechanical structure is usually only applied to more complicated parts and processes, such as the side wall outer panels, wing panels, bonnets ,medicine mould and other parts of the car. Domestic car manufacturers are mostly Sino-foreign joint ventures. For other reasons, it is difficult for domestic mold companies to manufacture molds for such products, and similar parts for brand-new models are even more boring. Therefore, we have few actual combat opportunities. Some powerful manufacturers may have fewer production tasks. , I have carried out practical theoretical design, and the final effect is that everyone knows it is not known! !
Second, even if faced with such a difficult opportunity, most manufacturers may search for their intestines and go to great lengths to find foreign original drawings before they can design. The final mechanical structure may be improved and perfected. Mold products with Chinese characteristics can even be exported to these countries, but in the end it is still difficult to truly be branded "MADE IN CHINA". Foreign pictures and Chinese steel are all put together without panic.

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