What is the difference between mold needle valve hot runner and open hot runner

Update: 18-03-2021

Mold hot runners are generally divided into flip cap mould open hot runners and needle valve hot runners.Usually we will ask the customer what product is injection molding and what the surface requirements of the product are, and then directly recommend the customer to select the hot runner according to the material and various properties of the product.The open hot runner has a simple structure and directly contacts the surface of the product, which is prone to wire drawing and leakage, and the surface quality is poor; it is suitable for micro semi-hot runners.


The micro semi-hot runners do not contact the product but touch the tiny runners. Of high-precision hot runner molds are widely used. The open hot runner is not without any advantages. It has a large amount of glue, simple structure, and easy installation. It is not very demanding for some product appearance parts. The products and molds near the glue are his advantages.


The needle valve hot runner can provide more engineering control in order to accurately adjust the injection molding process, and is more suitable for precision plastic parts. Products with higher product requirements are automatically closed after injection.


Needle valve hot runner system has single-point needle valve, multi-point needle valve, air-sealed needle valve, hydraulic needle valve, sequential needle valve and other products for users to choose.The needle valve type hot nozzle can control the time and sequence of opening and closing of the hot nozzle. For a product with multiple products, it is very useful to adjust the feeding balance between the hot nozzles and control the position of the water line.

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