What Is Injection Molding

Update: 06-01-2022

Injection molding requires a great deal of upfront design and engineering to develop detailed tooling or molds. Crafted from stainless steel or aluminum, split-die molds are injected with molten liquid polymers at high temperatures under extreme pressure. The molds are then cooled to release complete plastic parts. One of the primary benefits of injection molding is the ability to create extraordinarily complex components with an exceptional degree of detail.


The high pressure used in the Plastic injection mould process allows the production of intricate components and unusual geometries, as material is forced firmly into even the smallest detailed cavities. Multi-cavity mold options allow the injection molding process to be further tailored to meet specific needs.Injection molding involves the use of durable and reusable molds for repeated runs. Users may rely upon the mold to provide highly accurate, repeatable results for large production runs over many years.


The process is particularly useful for extremely small, complex, and intricate components that are time-consuming or difficult to create using thermoforming, cutting, milling, and other fabrication methods. Although injection molding is more expensive than thermoforming, the mold design and manufacturing process may be modified in various ways to reduce overall production costs. Simplifying and streamlining the design can reduce some of the cost that goes into creating detailed molds.


In addition, employing material reduction methods such as undercutting and coring, or simply modifying molds from a similar product may offer means to affordably meet the needs of a new project.Injection molding is a highly efficient process with extremely low scrap rates. The amount of material for each component is precisely measured to ensure that the mold is completely filled, ultimately generating little overflow or waste. An injection molded product can be molded to scale and requires little additional tooling after it is ejected from the mold. 

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