What inspection work should be done before injection mold trial

Update: 04-11-2021

Before the injection mold is molded, or when the machine is replaced with other molds, the trial mold is an indispensable part. The quality of the trial mold result directly affects whether the subsequent production of the factory is smooth. Therefore, in the injection mold trial mold process, you must follow reasonable operating steps and record the useful technical parameters during the mold trial process to facilitate the mass production of the product . So, what kind of inspection work should be done before injection mold trial?
1. Appearance. Is the surface texture correct? Are there impurities in the material? Are there any bumps or scratches on the surface of the product?
2. Parting line. Is there a front in the parting position? Is it a die? (Note that the hole position is also easy to produce a die and cause the hole to deform)
3. Gate. Infer the location of the weld line according to the gate distribution, and check the weld line. How to repair the excess material at the gate? Can the local location far away from the gate be full? If glass fiber is added to the raw material, the gate is prone to flashing, and the surface of the product is prone to floating fiber.
4. Deformation. Plastic products usually produce internal shrinkage and deformation, which cannot be avoided fundamentally. Therefore, the design should consider adding necessary ribs or reasonable structure to avoid deformation


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