What different mold steels are needed for different plastic materials

Update: 20-05-2021

The Household mould is designed for the molding of plastic products. It is a carrier for plastics. All mold designs are based on the properties of plastics. The effect of all different plastics on the mold is great. For example, we commonly use plastic PP, PE, ABS, generally we will consider P20 when choosing mold steel, this mold steel can guarantee at least 300,000 mold life, with our own superb mold processing technology can guarantee the life of the mold at least 500,000 times.


Of course, the lower 45# steel and 50#, 60# steel are generally not considered for mold core and cavity. These are mold base steel.Our minimum standard is P20 material, and poor steel is not guaranteed for quality. Of course, if want better steel can consider using 718H steel, the material itself can guarantee 500,000 shots, suitable for products with more output. Also, our more common plastics are PET and PC. The former is more used in bottle cap products, the latter is high hardness material, and the lamp products are used more.


These two materials can be considered 718H steel, or S136 such quenched steel, 718H and P20 are pre-hard steel, no quenching, S136 is stainless steel, not easy to rust.The mold of S136 steel can guarantee the minimum level of 1 million molds. As for PVC, PA, which has a certain corrosive plastic, we recommend S136 mold steel. The lower steel will be corroded during the production process, causing mold damage. There is also a steel material that can also be used, that is, H13, this steel material also has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but its hot work performance is better, mostly used in metal die-casting molds!


All of the above are common plastics. As for the uncommon plastics such as PPS, it is also required to make good steel. Professional mold companies will give you the most suitable solution based on plastics and production.Our mould can be in cold runner, hot runner system according to customer needs. multi-cavities, short cycle time.We are equipped with technically advanced tools and requisite facilities, CNCs, milling, machine lathe, grinder, line cutting, EDM, drilling and other equipment.

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