What are the relevant knowledge of pipe mold

Update: 06-08-2020

Plastic Preform PET mould pipe fittings are a kind of material often used in decoration, and the materials usually include PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PE, PPR and PP. Sinoe has been engaged in the injection moulding of pipe fittings for more than 25 years. We are proficient in the design and manufacture of various pipe fittings injection moulds, such as pipe joints (sockets), tees, crosses, 45°/90° elbows, and reducers. Pipe joints, live joints, male and female joints, end caps, single caps, etc.

Usually, PCV pipe fittings are used for drainage pipes, such as waste water, chemicals, mud, etc. Because the material decomposes at high temperature and releases corrosive gases, we choose cold runners when manufacturing PVC pipe fitting molds, and we choose HRC42-45 2316 for steel materials. For PP pipe fitting mold or PPR pipe fitting mold, we usually recommend customers to use domestic HRC 32-35 718H mold steel, which has excellent polishing performance.


In terms of mold gate selection, we recommend that most pipe fitting molds use edge gates, which can shorten the molding cycle; for small diameter pipe fittings, latent gates are recommended; for pipe fittings with a diameter of 110mm or more, large gates are recommended. To achieve better material fluidity and filling.


In addition, we have a high-quality work team that can provide customers with high-quality mold solutions. The team includes sales department, quotation department, project management department, design department, mold manufacturing department, assembly department, quality control department, etc. We will strictly control every step of mold processing. In terms of dimensional accuracy, we also have strict control.

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