What are the injection mold processing equipments

Update: 30-04-2021

Injection mold is a kind of mold with complex flip cap mould structure and high precision. It is also the most widely used plastic mold. The equipment needed for injection mold processing includes lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, machining center, electric spark, wire cutting, sawing machine, internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, laser marking machine, boring machine.We will introduce you to the use of several commonly used processing equipments.Milling machine refers to a machine tool that mainly uses a milling cutter to machine various surfaces on a workpiece. Usually, the rotary motion of the milling cutter is the main motion, and the movement of the workpiece and milling cutter is the feed motion.


It can process planes, grooves, and various surfaces, gears, also process more complex profiles with higher efficiency than planers and are widely used in the mechanical manufacturing and repair departments.The electric spark is a self-excited discharge, and its characteristics are as follows.The high voltage between the two electrodes of the spark discharge before the discharge, the method of processing the material by the corrosion phenomenon generated by the spark discharge is called electric discharge machining. EDM is a spark discharge in a liquid medium at a lower voltage range.Drilling machines are versatile machine tools for a wide range of applications, such as drilling, reaming, reaming, boring and tapping.


When the drilling machine is equipped with process equipment, it can also be boring, and the universal table can be divided into drilling, reaming and reaming. Drilling machine refers to a machine tool that mainly uses a drill bit to machine a hole in a workpiece. Usually the drill bit rotates for the main motion and the drill bit moves axially for the feed motion. The drilling machine has a simple structure and relatively low machining precision. It can drill through holes and blind holes, replace special tools, expand, boring, reaming or tapping.The lathe refers to a machine tool that rotates the workpiece as the main motion and the turning tool moves into the rotary surface of the feed motion.


It can be used to machine a variety of rotary forming surfaces, such as: inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, internal and external threads as well as end faces, grooves, knurling, etc. It is the most widely used metal cutting machine with the longest production history and the most variety of machine tools.We specialize in making injection molds for 20 years. In the process of mold processing, we can choose the most suitable processing equipment to help customers process the molds to achieve the highest quality. There are more injection mold problems that can be consulted at any time.

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