The Blow Moulding Process

Update: 19-01-2020

The blow moulding process is similar to glass blowing p […]

The blow moulding process is similar to glass blowing process. The first production machines and products

are developed in 1930 to manufacture blow moulded bottles. After the introducing of low and high-density

polyethene which is suitable for blow moulding, the market is hiked for blow moulding products.

The blow moulding process can be done with three different methods according to a product. Which are

Extrusion blow moulding
Injection blow moulding
Injection stretch blow moulding

Now start with Extrusion Blow Moulding. In this process, the polymer is melted and it is extruded from a

die to make a parison or hollow tube. The moulds covered the prison and with the pressurised air blows

through the needle and it inflates the shape of a mould. After this, the cool air is blown and moulds are

opened and eject the complete product. The extrusion blow moulding there are two methods of extrusion

which are continuous and intermittent. In the continuous method, the parison is extruded continuously and

mould open and close to complete the process. In the intermittent, the plastic is collected by an

extruder and then push it to die to make parison. The products made with this process are bottles, toys,

appliances and automotive parts etc.