Plastic bottle cap mould design and processing

Update: 27-08-2020

Professionally provide a complete Pipe Fitting Mould range of bottle cap mold development and manufacturing, such as anti-theft bottle cap mold, flip cap mold, bow tie bottle cap mold, water bottle cap mold, shampoo bottle cap mold. We have more than  years of plastic bottle cap mold manufacturing experience, so how to make a good mold? We analyze quality control for you during the design and processing stages. After we receive the customer's product design, the project manager will immediately call all relevant technical personnel to analyze its shortcomings and possible problems during processing. For example, analysis of demolding slope, strength, plastic filling, deformation, wall thickness, skin texture.



After these discussions are over, mold flow analysis will be carried out immediately. If there are any problems, we will immediately get in touch with the customer and provide solutions or suggestions. When processing the mold cavity and core rounding, if the feed rate is too large, a deeper coarse tool mark will be left. These tool marks will generally cause stress concentration and will form micro cracks during quenching and tempering. When assembling to the injection molding machine, due to the long use time, crack propagation will occur, which will cause the workpiece to break. The heat treatment process also has a great influence on the quality of the mold.


For example, the size of the workpiece will be affected by the quenching, and the insufficient margin caused by the quenching deformation should be considered during the finishing. Nuo not only adopts reasonable processing technology to ensure the quality of molds, but also our processing equipment adopts first-class equipment at home and abroad. Our machine tools are purchased from Japan Sodick and Italy Fidia. Using high-precision processing and testing equipment, we not only ensure the accuracy and high quality of the finished plastic bottle cap molds, but also strive to minimize mold delivery time.When selecting mold materials, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the working conditions and processing technology of the mold.


Generally, the material of the mold is usually made of  steel produced by ASSAB. The Rockwell hardness is HRC 45-48, which effectively ensures that the life of the mold is extended by 1M; bottle cap injection The mold is processed by a hot runner system with good thermal conductivity. The heat conduction speed is fast, and the temperature can be raised quickly during the production process of the bottle cap, and a very ideal heating effect can be obtained. And a good hot runner system can also ensure the balance and stable injection of all gates of the mold, so as to produce better plastic bottle caps. At the same time, in order to facilitate customers to replace mold parts, we provide a variety of brands of hot runner systems to choose from.

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