PET Preform And PET Injection Molding Machine

Update: 11-01-2020

A PET injection molding machine is the same as any othe […]

A PET injection molding machine is the same as any other for PE, PP or the like.

The difference, it does not make a final product but a preform.

When you inject a plastic object, your mould has the outer and internal form and the space between both is filled with plastic to form the object.

A PET preform is a test tube shaped piece of plastic that is made by a process called injection moulding, using a plastic called PET.

Meanwhile a mould is a shaped hollow piece of metal, a tool, that is used to control the shape of the item being moulded. The mould is what the molten plastic fills under pressure and then cools and goes hard retaining the shape described by the mould.

PET plastic injection molding machine series are special designed and manufactured according to PET material moulding technologies, such as the special design of the screw and barrel,precision controller of the heating of the barrel,tie-bar space,nozzl,ejecting system, enlarged motor and oil pump,etc.

PET preform machine basic specifications:
1. Big diameter screw design and longer L/D ratio for better plasticizing of PET material.
2. High plasticization capacity.
3. Extended machine framework, enlarged space between tie bars, mold opening stroke, mold thickness.
4. Enlarged eject stroke and eject force.