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We can produce: medical supplies molds, medical plastic molds, medical equipment molds, disposable blood transfusion, liquid appliance injection molds, medical drop bottle molds, medical bottle molds, health care bottle molds, laboratory supplies molds, medical test tube molds, Medical molds, pharmaceutical preform molds, pharmaceutical bottle cap molds, medical plastic packaging molds, sheath stripping molds, large needle sleeve molds, needle holder large core molds, long cavity molds, needle holders, strip molds, protection Set of pull sleeve mold, sheath gate mold, needle seat needle mold, vibration small core mold, pull rod mold, sheath mold, needle seat cavity mold, needle seat mold.


  • The nickel-plated formwork is used to achieve higher medical standards.
  • German corrosion-resistant steel 2316 is used.
  • The hot runner design allows the mold to be fully automated without manual handling.
  • The rational and ingenious waterway design shortens the molding cycle of the product to less than 12 seconds.

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