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This paper takes the plastic spoon as the object and introduces its injection mold design process in detail. In the design, UG and AUTOCAD software are mainly used, and the three-dimensional modeling of the parts is carried out according to the parts drawing of the parts, and the model is analyzed. The plastic part is the shell, and the multi-cavity side gate is adopted in the design process of the pouring system. Design and carry out the necessary calculations and structural design of the molded parts. The design of the Longji Dashui standard mold base has been improved. Finally, the production of engineering drawings was completed by Autocad, and various factors were considered in the design.


Spoon Mould
There are long and short thin wall spoons, knives and forks in life, the plastic materials used are PS and PP. Most of them are used in disposable fast food, because the wall thickness is relatively thin, it requires sophisticated mold design, precision processing, rapid prototyping, without flash.

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A plastic knife and fork mold is a tool used to create plastic utensils by shaping melted plastic into the desired shape using pressure and heat. The mold is typically made of metal and is composed of two halves that come together to form the final product.The working principle of a plastic knife and fork mold is based on the injection molding process. Plastic pellets are melted and injected into a mold cavity, where they cool and solidify into the desired shape. The mold is made up of two halves that close together to form the cavity, and a nozzle through which the melted plastic is injected. The mold halves are opened after the plastic has solidified, and the finished product is removed. The mold can then be reused to produce additional parts.
What are the advantages of Plastic Knife and fork mold?
1.Durability: Plastic cutlery is highly durable and can withstand repeated use and washing.
2.Lightweight: Plastic is lighter than metal, making plastic cutlery easier to handle.
3.Cost-effective: Plastic cutlery is much cheaper than metal cutlery, making it a popular choice for disposable utensils.
4.Variety of designs and colors: Plastic cutlery can be molded into various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different needs.
5.Convenient: Plastic cutlery is easy to carry and transport, making it suitable for outdoor events, picnics, and other on-the-go occasions.